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 It has a filter,has a good anti-blocking performance and has turbulence flow designing,so irrigation is uniform,drippers are integrated with tubes;and the distance betweet drippers can be adjusted flexibly.It has great scope of application.
The drip Tape with inner inlaid flat drippers is a new type of irrigation product, developed based on drip tape with cylindrical drippers. The product can meet the requirements of the precise agriculture.

Pipe diameter(mm)

Wall thickness(mm)

Emitter spacing(mm)

Flow rate(L/h)

Working press(Kpa)



0.18   0.20
0.30   0.40
0.50   0.60

100 150
200 300
400 500
600 700





1) it is the best-selling products in our factory
2) it can save water and raise the output of production
3) it is ecnomical compared with other drip irrigation products
4) easy to install and laying
5)It is light ,and easy to arrange and to collect in the field.
6) Watering and fertilizing the crops in the same time. It can improve the use ratio of fertilizer